Bill, The Worm Who Ran Away

Bill's brothers and sisters are driving him crazy!
They just won't leave him alone.
One night, Bill the Worm decides to run away.

All too soon he discovers the world can be a dangerous place.

Can Bill find a safe, new place to call home?
Will he ever see his family again?

Bill, The Worm Who Ran Away Book Trailer.

Bill The Worm Meets Carl Crow

When Bill the Worm hears a strange new sound, he has to find out what it is.
Through the forest, past the pond, and across the meadow he goes.
He asks all kinds of animals what the sound is, but nobody seems to know.
Bill is in for a big surprise when he finally gets to Farmer Mosher’s field!

Bill The Worm Meets Carl Crow Book Trailer

Bill The Worm Gets A Pet

After months of begging, Mom and Dad tell Bill the Worm he can get a pet, but he isn’t sure what kind of pet he wants.
Bill heads out to ask his friends for ideas.
Everyone he meets has a different pet in mind.
Bill has a lot to think about.
All the pets sound like fun.
Which one should he choose?
Which pet is perfect for Bill the Worm?

Bill The Worm Gets A Pet Book Trailer

Bill, The Worm Who Loved Halloween

Bill the Worm loves everything about Halloween, but he loves dressing up in costumes the most.
As Halloween gets closer, Bill is having a hard time deciding what he should wear.
He can't wear the same costume again, but what other ideas are there?
Bill thinks and thinks and then he has the best costume idea ever!

Bill, The Worm Who Loved Halloween Book Trailer

Bill The Worm Counts to Ten

Bill the Worm has put on his thinking cap and
is having a great time counting some of the items
and animals he finds in his forest home,
near the pond, and at Mosher's Farm.

Acorns and flies, chickens and mud pies,
there's so much to count.

Join Bill and two of his very best friends as they learn
about the numbers one through ten and back again.

Let's Get Counting!

Bill The Worm Counts to Ten - Trailer


Wacky Jackie

Nobody is like Wacky Jackie,
and she likes it that way.

Whether she's working at home,
or visiting friends,
she isn't afraid to be herself.

That makes every day
during work and play
a whole lot more fun.

Dare To Be Different!
Dare To Be YOU!

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